I welcome you to my li'l shrine to the New Mutants, my favrite comic book ever. Though Magik is my favorite character, I felt bad having a page all about her, and nothing for the rest of the team. I love these guys, I couldn't leave them out! So let me tell you about them!

When Professor Charles Xavier thought that his group of superhuman mutants, the X-Men, had been lkiddnapped by the alien brood, he was in disgust that it was his fault they were gone. He wanted nothing to do with another superhuman group "fighting evil mutants for the good of mankind," but his friend Dr. Moria MacTaggert persuaded him to take on two of her pupils to teach them to properly control their mutant powers. These two were Rahne Sinclaire (Wolfsbane) and Xi'an Coy Mahn (Karma), who joined the original team of New Mutants along with founding memebrs Danielle Moonstar (Psyche, and later Mirage), Sam Gutherie (Cannonball), and Roberto DeCosta (Sunspot). Xavier tough his new students at the Xavier school for gifted youngsters just outside of Salem Center, New York. He taught them to control their mutant powers and other academic studies, but he did not, however, plan to send them into battle as he did the X-Men. His plans changed, though, as time and time again, trouble found them
With all the typical superhero comic book action, along with the joys and pains of growing up a mutant, The New Mutants ran for 100 issues before becoming X-Force, which is still running today. The Team changed alot through the years, and new members were always joining. Thes include Amara Aquilla (Magma), Illyana Raputin (Magik), Doug Ramesy (Cypher), and Warlocke. After leaving Xaviers, the team was joined by BoomBoom, Ricter, Skids, and Rusty, and eventually Cable and the others who became the founding members of X-Force. (Personally, I though the book died once Cable appeared.)

Meet the Muties!

Samuel Gutherie

"The oldest of the New Mutants and in many waysthe most amture. Yet, of them all, he has the most difficulty utilizing his powers.
Upon his fathers death, Sam assumed the role of head of the household at home in Kentucky--he has done much the same here at school. It is him that the others turn for comfort and support; in many ways, he forms the team's center, the core from which they derive their strength.
But he is a proud young man, Driven to succeed, to expect and demand from himself nothing less than the best. It galls him that, where his power is concerend, he must accept far less. He is considering leaving school.
If, as I fear, I have done all for him that I can--if he has indeed, reached the limit of his abilty--that may be for the best."

Illyana Nikolovna Rasputin

"A riddle wrapped within an enigma--half her lifetime spent on earth, half in an other dimensional limbo, prisioner and disciple of its daemonic overlord.
She is formidable sorceress in her own right, and a mutant as well, able to teleport through both space and time. I know too little to properly evaluate her abilities as onr, and as for the other--how do I instruct her when neither of us knows precisely where or when her power will take her?
And yet, somehow, I must find a way."

Roberto DaCosta

"The most cosmopolitan and devil-may-care of my students--his charm, according to his dance teacher, Stevie Hunter, is a wonder to behold and very nearly irresistable. A most... precogious lad.
But also, I suspect, deeply troubled. The girl he loved, Juliana Sandovalm was slain saving his life. And lately, his father--whom Roberto idolized--joined the ranks of the Hellfire Club, the very people responsible for the young lady's death. The resultant estrangement between father and son is bitter and deep, a rift I fear will never heal.
Roberto and Sam have grown especially close--perhaps to be expected, since they are thus far the only boys to be admitted to the New Mutants. My hope is that Sam provides a steaduing influence.
Roberto's brash selfconfidence could so easily become arrogance.. and from there lead him inevitably down the road chosen by his father."

Rahne Sinclair

"A specifif metamorph able to transform from human to wolf--with a transitional incarnation roughly halfway between the two. She was the first New Mutant. Indeed, it was in great measure because of her that I decided to gather this class of novice students. By far the youngest--in temperment, if not in actual age-- she is an orphan, whose unusaully strict and conservative upbringing has left her painfully shy and insecure. It hasn't been easy for her to adjust, not only to the manifestaion of her mutant abilities, but as well to the enviroment in which she now lives.
She has so much potential --both as a mutant and as a person-- I must find a way to help her realize it.
More and more these days, however, she takes refuge in her lupine form. The world is much simpilier to her then. There are no ambiguities or confusion. She is starting to like that life more than being human."

Danielle Moonstar

"The natural leader of the team in any sort of combat situation-- as a tactitian, she is very nearly on a par with Cyclops at the same age.
Stronglly willed, her feircelly proud and independent spirit has sparked more then a few sharp exchanges between us. She will no hesitate to speak up in defense of a teammate or when she thinks I am wrong. On the other hand, she is just as ready to admit when the error is hers and then, far more importantly, learn from her mistake.
She did not wish to come here, to my school, but when offered the choose to return home with her parents, she chose to stay. Over the past few months, I have earned her respect.
And she has earned mine."

Amara Juliana Olivins Aquilla

"A child of the first century Rome-- or at least, an offshoot that has existed undiscovered in the Andes mountains for nearly 2,000 years-- thrown helter-skelter into the 20th.
She had adapted to the changed circumstances of her life with extraordinary speed and ease. It would be a mistake to dismiss her as a "barbarian," she is far more than that; Indeed, I suspect her intelligence is on par with ?Kitty Pryde's genius level.
Her powers is one that must be explored with great care-- the last thing that any of us can afford to do is to inadvertently trigger an earthquake-- yet Amara's ability must be brough under control lest she do precisely that.
She is a very formal and reserved young woman; my hope is that her continued assosiation with her fellow students-- especially now that their circle of acquantiancships and friends has expanded to include boys and girls in Salem Center-- will soften some of that. The more relaxed she is, I suspect, the more easily she'll be able to weild and control her abilities."

He calls himself

"But wehter that is his name or his race, I do not know. He is extraterrestrial in orgin, and a metamorph, able to reshape himself into any form imaginable. Of course, it is his imagination, which is to say the least... different from ours-- so the forms he takes, of even the most common place objects, can occasionally be quite bizarre.
Locke-- as the New Mutants have Christian him-- is a techno organic being. He appears to be composed entirely of circuitry, yet that very circuitry is as alive as our own human flesh and blood.
He feeds by transforming organic matter into biocircuirty like himself, and then draining that object or being's energy, rendering it inert. This process makes Warlock extremely dangerous, for I have not found a means to reverse it. I am begining to doubt there is one.
Worst of all, Warlock is fleeing from his father, who he maintains is trying to kill him-- this having to do with the right of succession among his people. T survive, and thereby prove his worth, Locke must slay his father-- or be destroyed himself. Should his father present himself, we will of course defend the lad, but how does one battle, much less defeat, a being capable of tearing stars apart with his bare hands??"

[information in parantheses taken from the "Journal of Proffesor Xavier" founa at the end of New Mutants #21-23. Unfortunatly, there were not entrie from Karma of Cypher, so I wrote those myself.]